T-Mobile - Dimensions of 5G 
Eight spots, eight custom worlds, a new frontier of connectivity.
Taking inspiration from their 5G-HQ logotype, the worlds created for this project start and live in the T-Mobile 5G magenta cube, which fades to reveal the world within. This felt like the perfect opportunity to introduce the brand right from the beginning and to tide all the stories up, giving visual continuity and cohesiveness on the digital hub.
 A team of more than 50 people, Creatives, producers, designers and animators from several different places from the world worked together to create this beast of a job.

The bigger challenge on a project like this is to work with multiple software and build a pipeline that is strong and reliable enough to handle the expectations. All characters were modeled in Zbrush. Then rigged and animated in Maya to receive the final lookdev in Cinema 4D and final compositing and color grading with After Effects
-   Characters development   -
-   Style frames   -
Worker Safety
Loss Prevention
Traffic Management
Drone Inspection
Video Production
Base Field Services
Hospital's AMRS
Enhanced Connectivity
-   The Team   -

Client: TMobile for Business
Agency: VCCP New York
Production: Hornet
Co-Production: Clim Studio
Director: Clim
Executive Producer Clim Studio: Jack Alexandre
Executive Producer Hornet: Jo Arghiris
VCCP Copywriter: Josh Greenspan
Managing Partner: Hana Shimizu
Director of Production: Karen Lawler
Head of Production: Dez Stavracos
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Producers: Jack Alexandre, Nico Benenati, Sarah Keshishian
Production Coordinator: Aidan Erbter
Talent Coordinator/Talent Lead: Deanna Rivera
Editor: Matthew Sandager
Assistant Editor: Cole Bannick

Storyboard Artist: Tonet Durà
Storyboard Artist: Joules Trouvé
CG Designer: Witold Markiewicz
CG Designer: Everthon Estevan
CG Designer: Francisco Cortés
CG Designer: Daniel Whitaker
CG Designer: Emiko Inskeep
CG Designer: Sergio Fuego
2D Designer: Riccardo Agostinelli
2D Designer: Ana Freitas

CG Lead: Daniel Barros
Motion Designer: Erico Santana
Modeler: Giovani Kososki
Modeler: Léo Rezende
Modeler: Jaeyeon Nam
Rigging: Henrique Ribeiro
Character Animator: Megan Oswalt
Character Animator: Stephen Van Wyk
Character Animator: Jean-Leny Sole
Character Animator: Chris Mayne
Character Animator: Darren Chang
Character Animator: Fabricio Luiz
C4D Artist: Daniel Whitaker
C4D Artist: Rafael Carmona
C4D Artist: Gastón Duranovich
C4D Artist: Eduardo Lunkes
C4D Artist: Lamek Felix
C4D Artist: Sergio Fuego
C4D Artist: Guilherme Vasconcellos
C4D Artist: Chris Peregom
C4D Artist: Marcos Savignano
C4D Artist: Germano Mombach
C4D Artist: Renan Santa Terra
C4D Artist: Travis Ragsdale
C4D Artist: Alexandre Bucsky

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